The Mercedes-Benz Autohaus Yangon, Myanmar under Cycle & Carriage Automobile Company (“CCAM”) is the General Distributor for Mercedes-Benz in Myanmar. This new showroom is undeniably the most ambitious and rewarding venture undertaken by the Company since its inception in 2013.  Also known as 3S offers a contemporary-styled, single-point hub for the customer to experience the wonderful world of Mercedes-Benz with impressive Sales, Services and Spare part facilities in Asia last frontier, Myanmar.
The new Mercedes-Benz 3S Autohaus is Cycle & Carriage Myanmar’s sixth outlet nationwide. It offers a contemporary-styled, single-point hub for customers to experience the fascinating world of Mercedes-Benz, featuring the new Mercedes-Benz Showroom, and boasting a showroom capacity of 17 vehicles and 10 work bays. The 25,000 square feet facility was completed with substantial long-term investment.