Mercedes-Benz Mobile Service.

Always there for you.

Mercedes-Benz Myanmar has been armed with three mobile service trucks which provide a mobile service and repair solution to all our Mercedes-Benz customers. This means that servicing their vehicles or carrying out scheduled repairs can be carried out at a convenient time or place of customer preference.

Also offering repair solutions in the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown. The vehicle is manned by a driver/helper along with Mercedes-Benz trained technicians. The vehicles are indeed portable workshop solutions with generators, air compressors, oil dispensing systems along with fully integrated oil recovery systems. In addition to the above they are fully stocked with tools and diagnostic equipment and the applicable parts required for each job.

They will also carry around 600 liters of oils and lubricants required and its own fresh water tank. Where ever there is a road network the vehicles can support, we will soon have four mobile service vehicles in strategic locations.

In order advice you better about your case. Could you please contact to our Service team below:

Yangon:  092 5083 0006 | Mandalay: 09 4561 1104