The Actros.

Sets standards: the Actros.

More Actros. More economy.

Cost-efficiency, reliability and economy included as standard. Lower costs per kilometre. The application-optimised powertrain configurations for the Actros are designed for particularly economical operation. With the standard-specification Mercedes Telligent® gearshift and the reliable and economical engines, the Actros continues on its economical path.

  • Optimum engine control with the standard-specification Telligent® engine management system.
  • The standard-specification Telligent® maintenance system allows to check service intervals.
  • Economical, high-torque engines from 265 kW (360 hp) to 290 kW (394 hp)
  • Effortless gear changes with the standard-fit Telligent® gearshift for Actros 3340
  • Application-based powertrain configurations with 16-speed transmissions.
  • Different axles and final-drive .for different route profiles
  • Robust frame, ideal for mounting bodies.
  • Sophisticated aerodynamics.

More Actros. More comfort.

Strikingly attractive and powerful – the Actros. From the sun screen all the way to the front apron, it’s all typical of the Actros. And that’s also because the design of the Actros not only makes it attractive, it also satisfies every wish as far as comfort, safety and economy in day-to-day operations are concerned. As a driving, working and living environment, the cabs more than meet today’s constantly increasing expectations in construction use and long-distance transport and offer plenty of space to move around. 

  • L-cab with an interior concept that focuses on comfort and the driver.
  • Instrument cluster with a large matrix display and optimum legibility.
  • Ergonomically positioned buttons and controls in the cockpit.
  • Multifunction steering wheel with precise pneumatic adjustment for height and reach.
  • Excellent all-round visibility thanks to large windscreen and deep-set side windows.
  • Air-sprung comfort suspension seat with integrated seat belt.
  • A standard-specification roller sunblind on the driver’s side in the L-cab reduces glare and heat penetration on hot days. It is also available as an option for the co-driver’s side.
  • Luxury bed in the lower sleeping area features a slatted frame with elastic support at pressure points and adjustable headboard for optimum sleeping comfort.

Reliability is a must, not a bonus.

The demands of long-distance transport and heavy-duty truck are tough. And that’s why our testing programme is also rigorous. Only a truck that is prepared from front to rear for the requirements of everyday operation can deliver on the promise that we make. And meet the demands you make of it at work. Our trucks are subjected to a range of stringent tests each year, during which every single improvement or further development has to show that it has the absolute maturity to enter series production, and will perform as intended in practice. It’s the only way that we here at Mercedes-Benz can ensure that our trucks meet the international standard for economy and reliability. Today and in future.

More Actros. More safety.

The safety of the Actros is based not just on successful performance in crash tests and the Swedish test but also on a whole range of features designed with your protection in mind.

  • Cruise control system as standard.
  • Optimum active safety thanks to the standard-specification Telligent® brake system with ABS, ASR and hill holder.
  • A standard-specification roller sunblind on the driver’s side in the L-cab reduces glare and heat penetration on hot days. It is also available as an option for the co-driver’s side.
  • The exterior mirrors ensure reduced vibration and lower dirt build-up on the sides of the vehicle.
  • All cabs crash-optimised (ECE R 29).

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